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React Articles

This project is a react frontend to display articles harvested through web scrapping of my favorite blogs. The aim of building it was to ease the trouble of going through each of the sites and looking for new articles. Scrapping them provided me with an opportunity to build an automated pipeline to periodically check for articles and store them in a database. The database feeds an API which then powers this site.

API Music software screenshot

Project Overview

The automating of the collection of articles has sinced proved useful in keeping me updated on the target sites and articles. It is important to note that this live site utilizes a sample database. However, it mirrors the structure of the main API which operates on restricted access only to select individuals.

Home: The articles are displayed in the homepage in simple cards which show the picture and heading of each article. The articles are paginated with more articles accessible through navigation links at the bottom of the list.

Categories: This page lists the different categories which different articles are divided into. Each category is a link to list its articles.

Sites: This page displays the sites which have been scrapped.

Tools Used