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FastAPI Articles

This is a simple api to serve article information to a react frontend. The API's database is populated by a python web scrapping script which curates interesting articles on target sites. The intention is to automatically periodically collect the articles and serve them over a web page or mobile application for personal consumption. This saves the time of visiting each sites to check for updates.

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Project Overview

The articles API is built on FastAPI and serves articles using a set of get endpoints. It uses an Postgres database and exposes the article information for use in mobile and website frontends.

Articles: The API allows users to retrieve a list of articles or a specific article by its ID. Each article contains information such as its title, content, date modified, date published, image file, and link. Articles can be associated with one or more categories.

Categories: Users can also retrieve a list of categories or a specific category by its ID. Each category has an ID and a name.

Pagination: The API supports pagination, allowing users to specify the page number and size when retrieving lists of articles or categories.

Tools Used

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