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Django Music API

This is a tiny music API built to display information on music details such as genre, albums, artists, and songs. It was intended to simulate what a backend serving music files, lyrics or music-related information could do.

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Project Overview

The MusicAPI is a Django-based API that serves as a comprehensive platform potential for exploring and discovering music. It leverages an SQLite3 database to provide users with access to a vast collection of music data, including genres, albums, artists, and song information.

Genre Exploration: Users can browse through a diverse range of music genres, from classical to rock, hip-hop to electronic, and more. Each genre provides a curated list of albums and artists associated with it.

Album Details: The API allows users to access detailed information about albums, including the album title, release date, and a list of tracks.

Artist Profiles: Users can access artist profiles, which include, discography, and a list of popular songs. This feature is perfect for fans looking to learn more about their favorite artists.

Song Information: The API provides comprehensive song details, including the song title, artist(s), album it belongs to, release date, and duration. This information is essential for music researchers and enthusiasts.

Tools Used

Django Rest Framework
Swagger Documentation